Cease to Exist

by No Good Deed

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released December 25, 2013



all rights reserved


No Good Deed Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh PA.

We'll play anywhere.


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Track Name: Two Faced
You lied to me stabbed me in the back how do you think i could forget about that?
The unkempt promises the bullshit you fed me
Coward acts performed out of envy

This is what you wanted
So that's what you got

Motherfucker you wanna step up
Come and do it then
You better bring all your boys
Cause you're gonna need some help

Step up you dumb motherfucker
Just so i can knock you down
Fists clenched and thoughts now darker
Set to put you in the ground

No one gives a fuck about you
You need to reevaluate what you think
About the signs that remind you of this
And leave you there with your fucking head split

Everyone knows you're just a cop out
Run your mouth and never back it up
Piece of shit that's what everyone knows you're all about

Face to face not a word to say
Fist to face you'll learn your place one day

Thought you would have learned this sooner but the clocks run out and now you've slipped up

Your time has come
Now you're gonna get fucked up

Two faced
No where near a so called friend

Two faced
It'll get you in the end

Two faced
Don't play me like I'm dumb

Two faced
Your time will come
Track Name: Abandonment
Brought in this cold world just to die

So now I stand alone and fight for my sanity
I try and hold my own but how much longer can this really last

This void is eating away at me and all I have left
Only time will show what comes next
If it was up to me I wouldn't take it back
But it's too late for that I've lost all i had left

I've been left here to rot
I don't care if i live or not

Left in the dark I remain
Life in the shadows is where ill stay
Less to society until another day
I can't shake the feeling that it was meant to be this way

Abandoned by this world we were brought in to

Fuck the life you were told to live
You're in this for yourself and no one else

Track Name: Sentenced to Death Ft. Bobby of Vow of Hatred
Sometimes I wonder why the fuck I'm here
I wonder what the fuck it takes to persevere
No one is safe from the hands of death
It's useless you cant save yourself

From the inevitable truth that we're all put here to die
don't let anyone fill your head with the lie that there's any hope for you

We all know where we're destined to be
Rotting for an eternity buried six feet deep
I know this is my calling
This is my fate
Know your place and play your role

This is where all the bullshit ends
You're left to fend for yourself
There's no changing a single thing you fucking dug a hole too deep
Looking back you thought you were stronger then but now I know that you're not
No remorse for your actions until you fucking got caught

Sentenced to death
Were all put here to die

Sentenced to death
Your end is nigh

The time for you has come to realize
That all of your beliefs are lies
Fabricated to help you sleep at night
And cope with your hopeless life

There's no escaping death
Track Name: Silence in the Streets Ft. Gabe Chesney
You run your mouth but cant seem to back it up
You should've known that it'd get back to me

Spineless Coward

Nothing to lose everything to gain that's the only thing that forces me through this pain

Hypocrisy runs deep within your kind
Only one thing comes to mind
Slithering deceit cowering away now you wont say see me another day

It's right in front of you but you refuse to believe
You cant ignore it though because its plain to see
A fountain of lies pouring down at my feet
A thousand words behind a keyboard but silence in the streets

Pain is your fate

Don't you realize you dug your own grave?
Now I'm just going to bury you
Track Name: Beg for Mercy
You never know the time or place to shut your mouth
You already know what this is about

Your time is running thin so watch your back

Watch your back now

Watch your back

Just you wait mother fucker
I'll come and find you

You try and scream
But no one hears a sound
It's hard to speak
With your body underground
Beg for mercy scream or cry
It's all unless when you're buried alive

I search for light but all I find is darkness
It's closing in and pulling me down

The time for words has come to pass

How much longer can this last

Beg for mercy

You brought this on yourself mother fucker
Now I have no choice
What's done is done
Track Name: Cease to Exist Ft. Greenfield Mike
You don't think I hear all the shit you talk about me?
It's in plain sight it's not hard to see

You infest us with your petty lies
now you'll see that real eyes realize real lies

I can't ignore this, this feeling
I know it's coming soon so prepare to meet your doom

When I find you there won't be a struggle
Play it cool so you can't sense that there's trouble
Now it's too late to run away
Where you once stood your body now lay

It's the end game and you know it
Your last breath before your final moment
Shut your fucking mouth
As you now cease to exist

I'll come for you one by one (it's the end)
Yinz will pay in the days to come (pray again)
We can do this right here in front (of your friends)
But you're finding out that none will come

No remorse no regrets for what I've done
Patience has paid off your time has finally come

Your time is up enough is enough
There is no hope for you
Now forgiveness is not an option